Welcome to Artfully Adorned! Artfully Adorned was fashioned from many years of being in and around artistic communities of talented artisans and designers. We hold a long standing value for the wonderful artists that pour their hearts into creating goods that celebrate true beauty and purpose...treasures that support our environment, as well as the diverse global communities that help bring them to life.

It is from this passion that we gathered a collection of finds that adorn you in artful style. Our hope is that you will celebrate the fun and beauty of these items in your own life or to share as a special gift with someone you love. We would be happy to know they beautified your life in even a small way.

When you shop at Artfully Adorned, you become our priority. Attention is given to all aspects of your order...quality, design, packaging and transport...and is backed by a our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Enjoy shopping with peace of mind...while supporting independent artists that create works of wearable art with beauty and purpose in mind.